Missing Airfields

Trying my best to use one app for my flight tracking/planning would really like it to be navigraph however there is a load of airfields i use regularly that are not available for planing, is there a way to link my addon sceneries to navigraph? I understand there wont b charts for the which is fine for the type of flying they involve i just need to be able to add them as departure and arrival points? Also is there plans to add a log book?

and Happy New Year … no, this is not possible but please can you give us an example, which airfields you´re missing, that we can look, why they are missing?

Thank you,

They are all unregistered airfield which is why they are missing, in little nav map you can scan the simulator and it finds and adds any extra addon air fields etc that you have in it, i was hoping there was a way navigraph could do the same

Ah understood thank you very much - no, such “scan-tool” is not planned at the moment, sorry …


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