Ability to use User Created Waypoints for Departure/Destination

So while I completely understand that Navigraph uses ICAO codes for published airports for departures and destinations, unfortunately this does not cover all the possible destinations we would like to take off or land from. Small, local airports, bush flying trips, helicopter VFR flights landing somewhere remote, or as in the case of a seaplane flight the other day, marinas and seaplane bases with water “runways”. This basically leads to incomplete flight planning and throws a wrench in the works of an otherwise fine product for those of us who don’t always use ICAO locations. Please give us the ability to use User Defined Waypoints (lat/long, whatever) as valid departures and destinations for flight planning. Also having the ability to give a “name” to that waypoint would be super helpful.


Last couple of days I’ve been flying out of Meigs Field in MSFS2020 which of course is also not represented in Navigraph; this would solve that problem as well.


This should be possible with the not-too-recent addition of user waypoints. Just create a user waypoint on the location you want, give it a name, and then add it to the route!

Here’s an example where I created a waypoint where Meigs Field used to be, and then included it in a flightplan:

Please let me know if this resolves the issue!

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Ah yes, thank you! I was confused by the fact that Choose Origin does not give you the option of anything besides airports. It didn’t occur to me that I could skip that step. Thanks again!

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