Can't use an airport as a VFR waypoint

I was trying to use an airport as a VFR waypoint, in other words, I want to overfly an airport as part of my flight. However, I was presented with a dialog that ask me if I want to change that airport as the new Departure or Destination.

I then stumbled on this old closed post.

The recommendation there was to use a navaid close to the airport instead. In a sparsely populated country, the nearest navaid might be hundreds of nautical miles away. So the next option is a close-by waypoint or just creating a GPS waypoint. But GPS waypoints are just ugly and difficult to know that it is actually an airport. In real life, this is possible but why not in Navigraph?

Can we please add the functionality to use an airport ICAO identifier as a waypoint on a VFR flight especially now with Ver 8?

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Plus one on this… i like to add them as waypoints and land or do touch and go!! would be nice

This 100% needs to be added. Trying to load a VFR flight plan from a friend that has multiple waypoints, and Navigraph completely glosses over the airport waypoints. I’m trying to get away from LNM now that we have VFR capabilities in Navigraph, but it’s issues like these that need to be ironed out first before I make I can make the change permanent.

TL;DR if we can’t accurately import flight plans from external sources, I won’t have much use for this.

+1 - Please add the ability to use airports as waypoints! Other planning software allows this, including for real world flights…

Hi guys, this is indeed on the radar and will be added soon! Please hold out a little while longer.



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Thank you Stephen for the thumbs up. Great news.

For now, I will not fly over any airports. :wink:

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