Missed approach and navigraph

Hi ! I’m new to fs2020 and a real life A320 pilot training on fbw320.

Is it me or there are no missed approach in fs2020 ? All approaches are ending up at the threshold. Even on stock aircrafts.

I tought a navigraph subscription would solve this but not. I saw my stars and sids are updated but nothing for missed approach procedures.

Thanks for your help !

the stock aircrafts don´t support “missed approaches”, sorry - but you can use ie. the WorkingTitle CJ4 ( I guess also the newest dev version of the FBW320, but I´m not 100% sure). This is not a navdata issue, we have all these missed approaches still in the data. It´s a sim limitation which is simple not implemented in the stock data.




Missed Approaches show in WorkingTitle CJ4 but not dev version of the FBW320 yet.


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Thanks Ian for testing and confirmation :wink: … so you see it at the moment only in the WT CJ4 correctly, sorry!


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