FS2020 MMMX MEX05A Missing waypoints and bad approaches

Hello! well, the same issue that I had with default FS2020 navdata for MMMX and MEX05A STAR, is now happening in navigraph navdata, MEX05A STAR is missing SMO waypoint, now is only set to “SUTAS”, and when you set the approach to whatever ILS05R or RNAV05L, the STAR is deleted and set to different waypoints that are impossible to descend because is very short. So I would love to this issue get fixed because I flight a lot from MMAA to MMMX, it was not happening on cycle 2013.

IMG1 - Arrival MEX05R, with the automatic approach, the waypoints are ok.

IMG2 - MEX05R with ILS05R approach, do you see the difference?

IMG3 - MEX05R with ILS05R 2, the same.

IMG4 - MEX05R with ILS05R Z, just missing SMO waypoint

IMG5 - MEX05R with RNAV05R, same missing SMO waypoint

Well I hope this gets fixed soon!.

Kind regards!.

Well now arrivals for MEX05A 05L

IMG6 - MEX05L with the automatic approach, it seems fine!

IMG7 - MEX05L with RNAV05L missing SMO waypoint.

Hi Cesar,
thanks for the details, but as you had figured out by yourself - this is not an issue on our side because exactly the same happens with the NavBlue stock data. This is a sim issue rather a data issue.

We had a similar report here in the forum

We have report this to ASOBO but unfortunity no answer till now. We all can only hope that ASOBO will fix this soon. We can’t fix it - because it’s the sim-engine.

If you want, try the Working Title CJ4 mod. The guys there have developed their own code for the terminal procedures, so they don’t use the underlying sim engine for that. You will see, the procedure works in their FMC absolute correctly.

Therefore, its no data issue (NavBlue or our data). It’s an logic issue in the sim. Sorry.


Hi there Thanks! I thought that it was a navdata issue, because as soon I installed navigraph navdata I was not getting that issue, I think after the last update everything got wrong and now I get the issue with navigraph navdata too.

I also reported this a lot time ago on zendesk but I did not get an answer about it.

Well, thanks for your time and hope that this get fixed by Asobo soon!.


Hi again Cesar,
yes, I saw also a lot of such reports in the flightsim-forum. We have also reported this to ASOBO now officially via the 3rd Party Dev forum to get any answer, what and why this happened so see, if we can fix this via a workaround but till now, we haven´t gotten any response. Hopefully we get one … the main-point here is, that´s not a data issue is really more a development issue of the procedure-build-engine behind.

We will see … thanks again for the report and the details. Much appreciated.

I am glad to read this!

I reported the issue again!

Lets hope they hear us!

Thanks for your time Richard!


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