No stars, no approaches

Hi. I have downloaded AIRAC 2014 with Navigraph beta application. In many airports there are no longer any approaches or STARs that in AIRAC 2013 were, nor do I find some fixed ones. Could you confirm that this is a compatibility issue with the latest msfs2020 update? That would make us stop investigating if it is something that the user is doing wrong and we wait for the software managers to solve it. Thank you very much for your time and attention.


Welcome and Happy New Year.

So that we can investigate, please advise which airports.


I have this issue of missing approaches and STARs at BIKF.
They are in the default MSFS data but disappear when installing Navigraph AIRAC 2014.

To reproduce I can do this:
From World Map, set BIRK as departure airport and BIKF as arrival. Choose IFR low altitude airways.
Select Cessna 172 G1000 as aircraft.

Set departure runway to 13 on BIRK and arrival runway as 19 on BIKF.
Select the EL4 departure from BIRK giving the route of
Press Fly to get into the aircraft on the runway
Press FLP on the G1000 to confirm the plan is there as set up.
Press PROC to add the arrival, nothing can be selected.

Version of MSFS
Version 1.0.0-beta19 of Navigraph for MSFS

Thank you

Hi Hrafnkell,
we have released a 2nd revision for AIRAC 2014 which fixed your issue with the missing procedures at BIKF. I have made exactly your procedure and with revision 2, I can now select all arrivals in the G1000.

Here a screenshot (AIRAC 2014 rev. 2):

Please update your AIRAC cycle to revision 2 (start the client -> remove the installed AIRAC -> install the newest data).

Thank you,

Thank you, seems to work!

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