LSZH ZUE2M/2G missing in AIRAC 2302


yesterday i joined the VASTSIM event in Zürich.

Shortly before departure at the HP Rwy32 i got a reclearance for the SID.
The new SID was the ZUE2M. Unfortunately i could not programm it in my G1000 because it was not available for selection there. I use the newest Navigraph Cycle (2302), expecting to get all the SIDs.
The SID is available in my Worldwide Jeppesen, so it should be available in the SSIM too.

After some investigation i found this : LSZH has missing ZUE2M and ZUE2G SIDs for RWY32

I do not know why this topic was closed already, because the bug is still existing.

Any ideas ?

Best regards

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Hi Dietmar,
first of all, welcome here at Navigraph … and thank you for your report.

The topics will be normally closed automatically after 7 days, look at the bottom of the reference topic. As long as there are replies the topic will be still open. We have approx. 20-30 topics each day to handle and I guess, it´s human, when we overseen a topic.

I will ask Jeppesen why these two procedures are missing because as I wrote in the reference posting, I also don´t see any reason, why this procedures are missing in our source but I guess there is a reason for that. I will let this topic open (I have removed the timer), till I get an answer. I will inform you here, as soon we have received an answer …


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Thank You. This will be great. At the time of my posting I wrote e-mail to vACC Switzerland, but did not get any response back. I do not understand why they still advising procedures, which certain percentage of VATSIM users with Navigraph subscription cannot use. This cannot be unnoticed.

Thank you for raising this topic again! I lost track on it, because of no response from vACC I lost motivation to push this forward

There are charts for those who waiting and do not have access to “native” Jeppesen on vACC Switzerland site

Hi Richard,

i know it is human, because i was a softwaredevelooper too, before i got a pilot :slightly_smiling_face:
Lets hope for a proper Jeppesen feedback. Would be nice to have the SIDs available in Zürich.

Thank you

Brgds Dietmar

Hi folks,
we have received an official answer of our question and indeed there is a reason why these procedures are missing (and according the answer, CAA Switzerland knows this).

The reason is the D5.0 ZUE at 5000 feet or above … You see on the charts the first segment on TRK329 till D4 KLO at or above 3500 (2500). So far so good, than a right turn to ZUE and here is the “culprit”:

There is a restriction on the way to the ZUE VOR … D5 ZUE at or above 5000’ … exactly this can´t be coded because the position of D5 ZUE is undefined. To calculate this position you need a second definition, like a track, radial from ZUE or similar else, but there is nothing. Due the missing information from Switzerland, it can´t be coded in the data and therefore it´s missing.

On the other hand, both procedures are conventional procedures (NON-RNAV), therefore manual interaction is required by the pilot when flying this procedures.

So as a conclusion:
Even though these procedures are designed according PANS OPS and can be flown, it´s not possible to capture them in ARINC424 coding.

One more example, why the data alone are not enough - you also need charts to verify the flight-path :wink:

Hope that helps,

Hi Richard,

thanks for publishing their answer.

As far as i understand i have to fly it raw data witlhout programming in the G1000.
DME 4 KLO VOR then right turn inboud ZUE VOR, to be min 5000 ft at DME 5 ZUE VOR.
It would be interesting to check on a real aircraft, if the SID ZUE2M is programmable in the G1000 or not.


Hi Dietmar,
i guess not, at least not with the provided information. The reason is really that there is no reference heading or track to ZUE. I guess in real as a help, you set the ZUE as navaid with a radius of 5 NM do see at least where you should be reached the 5000+ feet.


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