LSZH has missing ZUE2M and ZUE2G SIDs for RWY32

Dear Developers,

Recently participated in VATSIM event in LSZH and noticed that FMS has missing ZUE2G and ZUE2M SIDs for RWY 32 and most likely for RWY 34 (Not checked personally)

Please find attached screenshots from ToLiss (A321) and Zibo (B738) respectively as evidence.

Version of AIRAC - 2113 Rev 1. Reinstall of database does not help.

Thank you in advance for your attention and support!

Also not present in the aerosoft airbus database, I have an old cycle 2014 in my backup folder and this old cycle has those SID’s all be it the numbers different example ZUE1M etc.

I have checked the database and indeed, ZUE2G/M is missing - I can´t really say way nor have I found any notam for the missing SIDs. We will check this with Jeppesen to get an answer, possible we overseen something here. I will let open this topic, till we have received an answer from the data-provider.

Thank you very much,

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Dear Richard,

Much appreciate for your attention and efforts! I contacted vACC Switzerland community, so they would be aware about situation and do not advise mentioned SIDs during VATSIM events.

Thank you!

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