Proposed SID for specific RWY not available in Flightfactor A320 MCDU

Very often I get Simbrief route with a SID for spec. Rwy that is not selectable in my Aircraft.
Aircraft has actual AIRAC loaded.
e.g. LSZH/28 DEGES3H …
DEGES3H is not available in FF A320 with Rwy 28. Only DEGE2W is available in MCDU for Rwy 28.
I can see SID is valid in Navigraph charts with same AIRAC.
What is the reason for such a discrepancy?

Database in Aircraft shows JEP210602



Hi, I think I was able to isolate the issue to flights dispatched via the SimBrief API.

It should be fixed now, let me know if you still have the issue in future flights.


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