LSGC SIDs and RWY23 APP missing


I noticed, that there are charts for RNAV DEPs both for RWY 05 and 23, but data is missing from AIRAC cycle. Also there are charts for RNAV APP RWY05 and 23, but only RNAV APP for RWY05 is available in AIRAC cycle.

Can you please check it?

which sim? Which addon do you use?

In general, we have all terminal procedures in our source, therefore also in all out datasets.


I’m using MSFS. Tried GNS530 and World Map in MSFS.

the problem is the outdated stock scenery in MSFS. In MSFS you have 06/24 as runways which is outdated and therefore the sim can´t assigned our terminal procedures to these runways - result: the sim, suppress all these terminal procedures.

Here what you see in the MSFS - so there are no 05/23 as it should and therefore you can´t select it:

… comparing the real-world, what we offer:

You still have it in your data, so we offer all the “missing” approaches but due the outdated runway-idents, the sim disable it, sorry. Please report this to MS/ASOBO, we may not change the runway-idents in the stock data sorry.

When you find a 3rd party scenery with the correct, real world runway-idents you will immediately see all terminal procedures (without any additional update from our side because you still have it in your data).

Happy Christmas,

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