No procedures at ZUGY, no STAR at VGHS

Using with Navigraph 2103 rev.2 installed (or “not installed”, as this update points).

First of all, I confirm that the 2103 cycle is indeed installed, since I can see EDDS both in World Map and in my A32NX FBW MCDU.

I created a route in SimBrief starting from Longdongbao airport ZUGY and selected SID/STARS accordingly. Imported the route to LittleNavMap with 2103 rev.1 cycle, and read it back perfectly.
But, when I tried to load the route into the A32NX MCDU, I noticed that ZUGY had no SID, and the only runway available was runway 1 (no 01R or 01L).

Also, according to the MCDU my destination airport VGHS has no STAR, and ILS14 won’t show any transitions as well.

Interestingly, both the absence of procedures for ZUGY and no STAR/Transitions for VGHS may be reproduced in LittleNavMap by forbidding it to use Navigraph Charts - when using MSFS database, they are coherent with those from the in-game MCDU.

I can confirm, the same situation happens in World Map selection. Only runway 1 with no SID for ZUGY and no STAR/transitions for VGHS.

Yet Navigraph are surely loaded, since I can see EDDS for example:

I am on the b13 version of Navigraph installer.

Hi Francesco,
the ZUGY airport is outdated in the sim, because the runway idents are changed to 01/R19L in real-world. The logic in the sim is, when they can´t assign the terminal procedures to their runways than the sim suppress all terminal procedures. The SIDs are included in the current cycle, but for 01R/19L … sorry, can only be fixed by ASOBO.



According VGHS - there are no STARs existing (or at least not for public) and therefore we have no one in our database nor in our charts.


Thanks for your reply.

About VGHS, yes, I was completely wrong.
About ZUGY, I understand the issue and I’m really disappointed by Asobo. Is there a way to actually have a list of outdated airports that recreate this problem?

A good idea, let me check it … it should be possible yes. Give me a few days … I will let this topic open and will inform you here, ok!?


That’s an exceptional good news. Thanks in advance!

Hi again,
here a list of all missing airports and/or airports, where the runways are differ to the real-world one (means where you don´t see terminal procedures). Currently this list contains 2310 airports.

20210414 - Navigraph MSFS_airport_runway.pdf (631.1 KB)

Only for personal usage - it is not allowed to share somewhere or with someone, nor to use the data from this sheet, without our written permission. Thank you!


Thank you for this invaluable list. I’ll keep it for my usage only.

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