LSGS ILS25 (ISI) - seems wrong since 2601 rev2


I think i noticed a little anomaly with 2601 rev2 (was fine in 2601 rev1).

On the chart the CRS is 244 (a lot to the right of the runway but that’s on purpose to avoid the terrain and it’s what makes this approach challenging), in the navdata the heading is now 251 so it brings the plane dangerously close to terrain on the left, i guess this was done to align the ILS with the runway but in this case it’s very wrong and dangerous.

as you can see on the pic below, i’m perfectly on the LOC and GS, but the chart clearly shows my position being wrong and terrain ahead is getting very close.

with rev1 (pic below) everything was fine and the chart data was matching ‘BGL data’ with CRS at 244 so the approach was correct.

I think (might be wrong) that the heading in the navdata BGL should always match with what’s on the chart. It also seems that the LittleNavMap Navigraph file is always correct (LNM sqlite file has 244 so you have the correct data somwhere) but it just ends up being wrong in the BGL (in this particular case \0601\NAX49150.bgl which has 251). It’s certainly easier said than done though and i obviously have no idea of how the data is parsed :wink:

No rush obviously, just a little report to try to improve the realism of our flights and the quality of the data. And to make it clear I’m really happy with the product :+1:

Thank you :beers:

Hi again,
many thanks for testing but I can´t reproduce your report now :slight_smile:
I have flown that approach (very exciting :-)) … but I have course 244 and the LOC works as expected. Please can you re-install the AIRAC revision 2 - I have short after the release updated the package because it was the wrong one. So, it could be, that you have used now the first, wrong one :slight_smile: Sorry for that

Again, with the current AIRAC 2106 revision 2, which I have just installed too, it looks perfect now (also the other offset approaches, which you have reported - thanks for that by the way).

Here my approach:

Please let me know, when this re-install of the AIRAC doesn´t help on your end …
Thank you,


Just had a very quick test after reinstalling rev2 and, oh yes, you’re 100% right, it’s working very fine with rev2. Not sure if i mixed things up a bit when i did my test (in that case very sorry for wasting your time) or maybe i got that ‘temp-rev2’ release that had a little prob.

Very happy :+1: :beers:

Thanks again for your great support and have a nice week !

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