LFMT iLS issue 2312

Hello ,
Since last airac update 2312 on PROSIM AR and done on MSFS with Navi graph HUB the ILS 30R is broken
Seems not pointing to the correct LOC.
Thanks for the help

please can you explain what you mean with “not pointing to the correct LOC”. Does this mean you don’t receive the localizer with the ident FG on 108.55? Or does it mean the localizer is offset?

A little bit more details incl. some screenshots could be more helpful. Also, I assume you use the stock scenery and no 3rd party scenery, right?

What happend when you remove our cycle and use the stock data, is there all correct than?


Hello ,
Thanks for the answer .

I mean the LOC is offset.
I will do more test to be sure 108.55 is detected.

It isn’t a stock airport but Pilot Experience Sim version and I am the dev.

I fly on it every mouth and V2 has been released a mouth ago and tested well with previous cycle 2311.

The issue is only with PROSIM AR

No problems with Fenix or FBW with or without the in sim data cycle .

I will do more test and screens and verify 108.55 is the detected one (and so offset since 2312) and try remove the in Sim cycle but without an updated cycle in the sim Brest LFRB have the ILS offset then .

Like I said with previous 2311 cycle everything was well everywhere with PROSIM

Come back to you ASAP with more data’s
Kind regards
Merry X mas

Ah understood - there was an issue in the decimal rounding in the true course runway column in Fenix, which I have fixed. Fenix uses nearly (not exactly) the same database as ProSim, so I’m pretty sure, that this little offset is fixed also in the new upcoming 2313 in a few days.

I would recommend to wait till AIRAC 2313 is out, I’m pretty sure that this cycle works as your previous ones.

Merry Christmas

Hi ,
Ok i will wait for it and will let you know
Kind regards

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