Ils 21 esgg

I just noticed that there is a problem with the ILS frequency at runway 21 on ESGG , it is way off the line.

I have tried the scenario and I can´t see any offset (default Sim - FBW A320 stable version - AIRAC 2107 rev. 1):

Here a few shots during the final-approach - ILS 21 (108.50 / 202°):

… and here the flightpath (black dotted line) - also here, absolutely centered

You see, absolutely aligned with the center-line. Sorry, can´t reproduce …

Strange, i was way off, I will try it again.


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Kent, one additional question because you haven’t mentioned it … You don’t use any addon scenery for ESGG, right? You use the default … because my test was without any addon scenery, only from the sim.


I use Orbx ESGG, maybe that is the problem, this how it looks for me with WT G3000 same settings and airac.


Hi Kent,
all right - thanks. For possible future reports, please such information are very important and reduce the support - effort on both sides and the time. I will check this with the ORBX scenery.

Thank you,

Hi Kent,
I can confirm that the ILS 21 is off with the ORBX ESGG scenery, but it´s exactly the same for 03. But, that has nothing todo with our data. When you remove our dataset you will see exactly the same behavior - so that´s data independently.

Here my approach - same AIRAC, same FBW but ORBX ESGG installed:

… and here you see the offset of both ILSs - the localizer antenna´s are correct on both sides but the course is wrong:

Now, I have tried to analyze it, to figure out why that happens and I guess I know why.

  1. The approach course isn´t 203° it´s 202°
  2. The magvar in the ORBX scenery is -1, what is wrong … because the magvar at ESGG is -4 - so that´s a difference of 3 degrees and therefore the large offset. To verify this magvar-error take the true-runway heading and the mag-runway heading

Directly from AIP Sweden:

03 - true 25.98 / mag 22.00 = difference -3.98° (Orbx has -1°)
21 - true 206.00 / mag 202.00 = -4° (Orbax has -1°)

That is exactly the reason why you are so far right - the magnetic variation is wrong in the ORBX scenery. Again, this happens with the stock data also - that´s not a Navigraph related issue.


Thank you for your excellent support.


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