Fenix A320 LSGS IGS RWY25 wrong course in FMS and NAV


I have difficulties with the IGS25 approach in LSGS (standard scenery), as the localizer has the course 250 when using the Fenix A320, which leads you almost into a mountain. If I take a look at the Navigraph Data (actual Cycle 2207) in the Fenix Folder, I see it is 244° there, which is the right value. So I’m confused. Fenix answered me, that they only use Navigraph Data for everything. Do you have an idea, what could cause this? Myabe a conflict with other data? Many thanks and best regards, Matt

Hi Matt,
and welcome … thanks for your report and the details - much appreciated …

I´m not an Airbus specialist nor a real pilot, so please excuse my possible amateur answer here. I assume, it has something todo with the offset. Because the IGS25 has an 6.5° offset - the CRS value what you see is possible the runway course (without the offset) and you should enter the real-course (what you want to fly) in the above CRS field.

In normal case the two crs are identically but not when you have an offset, then you should enter the offset-crs, in this case 244°

But again, I´m not a real pilot, I only try to understand the data behind and why should you have a own CRS field to insert own courses, when you always get the right one in the below CRS field? That makes no sense, so in my eye, I guess the F250 course is the runway-course and you must enter the correct course 244 in the CRS field above the frequency and the ident (LSK2) to get the correct approach course.

Hope that helps a little bit and I hope that´s correct :slight_smile:


Hi Richard,

thanks a lot for the fast reply! :slight_smile: In the Airbus, if you type in the designator of the localizer (ISI) it will fill out the other values automatically, but you can also enter everything manually. I just tried your proposal and changed the ILS course in the FMS manually to 244, which leads to an other alignment of the ils course indicator, but the plane stays on the same course. It seems to still follow the same path. So I’m actually even more confused, where the Fenix takes the ILS (or in that case Localizer) information from. Another thing is, that the localizer is avialable from 22 nm, which is to short as the initial point of the approach is at 27.6 nm. It’s somehow weird, as other addons do this correctly… Maybe it’s different in the MSFS Navigraph Navdatabase? Can you take a look into it, if it is 244° also there (I guess, yes… :-)?

Thanks and best Regards, Matt

Hi Matt,
yes, we have only the 244° CRS - I have no idea from where the 250° are but not from our database that´s clear. As you have figured out too - in the Fenix database you see only the 244° course, no other value … so this must be calculated by the Fenix somewhere.

Also, I have checked the MSFS database and here too - 244°

MSFS data only - you see the magnetic course 244, correct so far:

… and here the same with the Jeppesen data only - also here 244°:

So, the answer can only be given by Fenix because we have nowhere the wrong 250° course - not in the Fenix database, nor in the Jeppesen source. It must be come from Fenix but not from the data.

Last, I have tried the same with the FBW A320, which uses our MSFS dataset (when it´s installed) - and here you see the correct course, which we offer in our data:

Here the course is correct, according our data. So I´m pretty sure, that this course in the Fenix comes not directly from our data and must be calculated by the FMC somehow …

Sorry Matt but I don´t see any navdata issue here. We offer the correct course and we have nowhere the wrong 250° course for this approach.


Thanks Richard for your efforts to investigate this issue. I see it the same way now and just wrote another mail to the Fenix Support and waiting for their response. Are you interested in their findings? Then I keep you in the loop. Otherwise, thanks again for the kind support.

Best Regards, Matt

Yes please, not only for me - also for our customer which fly also this great Fenix addon. Thanks Matt too for all your details and your help to find out the issue here. Again, I´m nearly 100% sure, that this value is really somewhere from Fenix … we will see, you can also refer to this topic here, when needed.

Have a nice weekend & servus aus Wien,

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