Fenix A320 - KPDX ILS 10L Misaligned

Hi team, after the latest AIRAC Cycle 2213 rev.2 update, I flew the ILS 10L approach into KPDX and it was completely off. The glideslope captured way too far out and it aligned me over the center of the airport. First time it’s happened for me (I fly into KPDX a lot), which is why I suspect the AIRAC update since that’s the only thing that’s changed for me recently.

sorry, I can´t reproduce it … I have checked the glideslope coordinates and the vertical angle, and it´s perfect. I have also tried to flown this ILS approach and again, the glideslope and the DMEs are perfect.

Here from my testflight (FBW A320 dev version, AIRAC 2301 rev. 2 installed, stock scenery):

Sorry, it must be any other case but the navdata seems to be ok so far. You haven´t written which aircraft you have used nor if you use any 3rd party scenery, but it would be good, when you try the same - using FBW (or any other aircraft) with the stock scenery (no 3rd party scenery).

It could also be, that any other 3rd party package is the case of this result, I don´t know but I can´t see any issue on the navdata at this stage. The GS (also the LOC of course) is working as expected and is correct so far (as you see).


Appreciate the lightning-fast response (and screenshots to show the test!) Richard. I also appreciate you pointing out what I lacked here - I didn’t mention which aircraft I was flying (Fenix A320), nor did I include any screenshots or test with other aircraft. Flightbeam KPDX is the scenery, have never had a problem until last night. It’s a shame because I work in technical support - guess I need to put that hat back on before I post on other folks forums :wink: In any event, will test with other aircraft and if it’s only reproduceable with the Fenix, I’ll touch base with that team. Thanks again for the great follow up!

Just in case anyone else is seeing this - this is what I’m consistently getting in the Fenix A320 on the 10L ILS approach into Flightbeam KPDX :joy:

While I regularly fly out of Pearson IRL (KVUO), not exactly where I want to plant an A320

… please try to fly the same without the 3rd party scenery. I’m pretty sure this is not a Fenix issue but I will try it also, the same (without 3rd party scenery - only the stock scenery) on my system.

But again, remove the Flightbeam scenery, use the stock scenery and fly the same approach in the Fenix A320. I’m nearly sure, this works


PS: you never mentioned, that you’re using any 3rd party scenery

Will do - just odd that the Flightbeam scenery would all of a sudden stop working properly - hasn’t been updated in a while

Default KPDX (Flightbeam Uninstalled). Fenix still doing the same thing:

PMDG and FBW fly the ILS correctly:

Seems like a Fenix issue. The PMDG 737 with Flight Beam worked for me.

Right, I also can confirm it now … the ILS signal in the Fenix A320 is right the runway …

I have also checked the Fenix database and the localizer antenna position seems to be correct:
LOC-antenna runway 10: 45.58209167, -122.56301389

So, it must be any issue in the Fenix A320 … the navdata seems to be correct, sorry.


No apology needed Richard! Appreciate your help to narrow this down and double check the navdata was not the issue - will follow up with the Fenix team - cheers!

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