LSGG ILS RW22 changed

I am used to land in FSX SE as well as in X-Plane with PMDG MD11, 747 and QW 8,9 and 10, on LSGG with freq 109.90. Now the ILS is changed to 108.70 according 2102rev and the APP chart. None of the two are captured for autoland. How come?
I am using MacOS and Windows 10.

Hi Cornelis,
the problem in FSX is, that the default sim still doesn´t know anything about the new ILS frequency and therefore you can set the new one, but the sim doesn´t recognize it.

You can look on Herve´s homepage and can try the updates, if you want - that should fix your issue:

To XPlane - this should be updated and I have tried the new ILS frequency in X-Plane - no problem so far. Used the FF 767 and the ZIBO 737 for my tests. So please re-check it if you really have installed the latest AIRAC cycle, it should work in the latest version of X-Plane11.5x


Thanks Richard for the quick reply, I will change it today and let you know.
Have a nice day.

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Hello Richard,
It works fine now, thanks.

Great, thanks for the feedback Cornelis! Much appreciated …
Cheers and allways three greens,

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