Geneva ILS runway 22 outdated

Any idea why both my sim (FSLabs A320 P3D) and my EFB (Aivlasoft EFB2) are BOTH having issues with the ILS at LSGG.

Airac 2101/R1

My EFB states that t is Out of Date! Never seen that before.


Of interest (might be of help)

The FSLabs has it in the MCDU database, but fails to find it. Instead it tunes to a VOR named NDD about 243 miles away.



Hi Leslie,
I´m not 100% sure and I don´t know which sim do you use - I have also seen this for the first time but could it be, that the ILS frequency was changed in real-life … In real-life it´s 108.80 (ISW) but as an example in P3Dv5 you hae 109.90 for ISW and I guess, therefore the message, that the LOC is outdated in your sim.


Real-life from our data:

Hope that helps,

PS: and also thats exactly the reason, that you get no LOC/GS signal too in the FSLabs, because there is no ILS/GS with 108.70 in the default sim.

Hi Richard

Many thanks for the reply. I am using the FSlabs A320 within P3D V5

Sadly that adds to the confusion as Navigraph charts also have it as 108.7 ISW

(I blanked out much detail as I am posting your charts online - Hope that is Ok)

I re read your reply

I have already updated P3d V5, FSlabs and EFB with the latest Navigraph data. My understanding is that Navigraph updates P3D?

If so P3D and FSLabs should be the same - ??

Also the EFB is stand alone, solely reading Navigraph data (I think), it does not read the ILS data from the sim, else it would not need a Navigraph update per cycle.

Very confused

No, we don’t update the P3D sim, not via an EFB update nor via a standalone updae. We never has done this.

We provide primarily the terminal procedures and airways for EFB. All other things will be used from the sim, what you select it via the installation. But I would recommend to read the EFB manual, where all these things are described very well.


All making much more sense now. Thank you.

i recommend getting and learning to use ADE (freeware). you can update airports to your hearts content… updating a localizer frequency is trivially easy…

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