Fs2004 B777 does not connect to ILS

Hello, I do not know if this post corresponds here, I use fs2004, I have the B777 from PSS and since the last update of AIRAC2108 no ILS connects me. I have deleted and reinstalled both Airac and the plane and it remains the same, thank you.

what do you mean with “no ILS connects me”?

Do mean you don’t receive the signal? The signal doesn’t come from our files, they are stored in the scenery files of the sim. So, when you enter a frequency and you don’t get any signal (no loc/gs) you have an issue with your sim.

Entering frequencies are working also without any navdata update or an old/outdated dataset. It’s completely independent.

So try to enter the frequency manually in the FMC and see what happens.


Hello, the frequencies are correct and they appear in the CDU but it does not hook it, it had never happened until this update of Airac, I have more planes and they are all great, I entered the frequencies manually and it does not connect with the Loc ILS, I do not know why

Please can you give me an example:

Which airport?
Which runway?
Which ILS frequency do you enter?

Thank you

Well, the last 5 flights have been to: LEMD, LEBL, LFPG, KJFK LSZH with the only one that intercepted the ILS was in KJFK, I have made these same flights with other aircraft and I have not had this problem, 737 iflight, 747 PMDG

Hi Vanesa,

The frequencies and course needed to capture an ILS come from the scenery files and are not changed by Navdata updates. Please see FAQ - Navigraph updates for FS9, FSX and P3D - #2

What may change are the frequency and course provided in the NAVRAD page of the FMS which will show current data. The PSS 777 loads these latest freq/course into the ILS receiver; these may not match the scenery and therefore you wont get ILS display and capture.

For example LFPG 27L 110.7/264 is current, shows in NAVRAD and ILS GS and LOC:

Whereas LSZH 14 111.75/135 is current, when entered into NAVRAD, no ILS GS or LOC.

If you override with the old frequency in FS2004 scenery 108.3/135 you get ILS display and capture.

FS2004 is old and many ILS Freq/Course are different to what are stored in the scenery files. You may need to override details in NAVRAD page to get ILS display and capture.


Good afternoon, thanks for the clarification, that must be the problem, I update the RWY and ILS for fs9 every time I renew the airacs but I only have problems with this aircraft with everyone else I do not have this problem, thanks for your time and best regards

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Hi Vanesa,

You are welcome.

Happy flying.


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