LOWI LOC DME East not matching chart with Simlink

Hi - I wondered if there is any particular reason as to why when flying the localiser OEV into LOWI my aircraft is showing as offset from the localiser path on the chart (when using simlink)?

I realise it is an offset localiser itself, does the chart not depict this?

I am using the FS2020 ‘default’ LOWI scenery.

the issue here is the logic in the sim and has nothing todo with a scenery or simlink. The sim set the approach course automatically to the runway-heading and that´s what happened here. When you extend the runway you will see, that your position “correct” aligned the runway.

Of course, that´s completely wrong - at least for offset-approaches as here in Innsbruck because this valley is surrounded with high mountains and to fly this approach offset makes sense. You´re course ends normally in one of the hills near Innsbruck.

Sorry, but this is a sim limitation and has nothing todo with your configuration and/or any tool.

Thanks Richard! Appreciate the explanation. I thought I’d had read somewhere on here before that there was an issue with the sim not fully allowing offset approaches, must have been on the old forums.

The latest version of the A32NX mod now allows a set course for LOC/ILS approaches so I’ll try adjusting it next time I try.

Apologies if a somewhat nieve question, I haven’t flown any offset approaches since starting to properly use charts.

Thanks again.

No reason for an apologize Rob, all is good and yes, this issue is a long term issue which will hopefully fixed somedays.

Happy flying …

PS: thanks for the tip with the FBW update - will also try it

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