LEBL Runway 02 loads ILS for Runway 25

Clearly an issue here, the runway does show up in the sim but when loading the approach for 02 (either L or R) in the MCDU the PFD shows Cat III Runway 25 instead and obviously the approach doesn’t work as going into APPR makes the plane do a full 180.

I can confirm this but it looks like a sim issue because the same happens with the default data. I have also checked our dataset but here the localizer idents are set correctly. It seems, that the sim lost the connection between the approach fixes and the localizers … but again, when you remove our dataset and when you try the same with the default data, you will see exactly the same effect.

So, please report this to ASOBO - it´s a bug, sorry

Cheers & Merry Christmas,

No worries, I didn’t try the default data. I’ll have to make a habit of doing that as well. I haven’t had much luck with ILS approaches, haven’t done all that many yet but so far 90% of them have had issues so I certainly know how to pick em! I’m glad to hear that at least it’s never been an issue with NG data. I will report this to Asobo.

Thanks & Merry Christmas as well.

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