Loc OEJ Innsbuck wrong course

Hi. I hope it can help to solve this issue.
LOC OEJ at LOWI has a wrong course.
Should be start crs66 on KUDAV but from this point the LOC is completely an the left side.
I think like in MS2020 base scenery



Ciao Simone,
thats correct or better not correct. It’s a sim issue because the sim doesn’t support offset approaches. We have 066 as course in our dataset files but the sim changes it automatically to the runway course, because they expect that an ILS is ALWAYS centerlined, what is a great known issue/bug.

Sorry, this can only be fixed b ASOBO/MS. Thats an internal logic and not a navdata issue. Happens with the stock NavBlue data also.


Very strange. With Reggio Calabria offset LOC works fine


The same thing you made for LICR can works also with LOWI maybe?


FOllowing LICR offset LOC

I think you can find the solution… Is no possible some works fine and others no :slight_smile:

LICR FS2020 scenery WRONG

LICR Navdata navigraph RIGHT and airplane FLY RIGHT

LOWI FS2020 scenery WRONG

LOWI Navdata navigraph RIGHT BUT airplane FLY WRONG like in the FS2020 scenery

Other help to solve :slight_smile:

look specs from the two LOCs from here

LICR ok Airplane FLY IT right

Schermata 2021-02-12 alle 11.54.05

LOWI not ok

Schermata 2021-02-12 alle 11.53.18

Both from your scenery :wink:

Believe me please (and there are a lot of such postings in the FS-forum also), it´s a sim issue and not a navdata issue. Your last two screenshots show this very clear. OEJ course 066, absolutely correct, so what do you expect, what we should do, when the position of the DME, the frequency and the course are correct?

I can´t say why this works at LICR and not at LOWI, possible due the loc antenna position, which is at LICR before and LOWI after but again, we are not ASOBO/MS - we only provide the data and as you have show us, the correct data. How the sim interprets the data now, don´t lie in our hand sorry.


Yes, possible the antenna position… maybe
But you know if they are interested to solve these?

Yes, but this can only be solved by ASOBO/MS - as your screenshots show this, we are offer the correct data but the aircraft uses it wrong as it looks. Please report this to ASOBO/MS. Thank you


Tell me how please :slight_smile:
On their forum? I hope they read there

Yes, under support you can submit a ticket in their Zendesk-system:


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