Flightplan getting mangled going into MSFS

Hi support folks,

I was having problems with a saved flight plan from PHNL - PHTO here in Hawaii. The flight (IFR, 15000’, C208B EX) would go along just fine until I started approaching PHTO. When I got near, it would overfly the PARIS point, then fly on to KENNZ, at which point the aircraft on autopilot makes a 180, goes back to PARIS, then back to KENNZ, and continues on.

Today I decided to redo the flight plan. Same PHNL - PHTO. Low Enroute Airways. The type route is this:


I dialed in Runway 8L. MKK4 departure. then on the arrival end, LYCHI1 arrival, and ILS RWY 26 (KENNZ). Went to export the file to a .pln - selected my cruising altitude as 15,000’. Saved the PHNLPHTO.pln file to my special “Flights” directory.

Went into MSFS, it loaded up to the Hangar. Clicked on the World, hit spacebar twice to bring up the “load flight plan” dialogue, navigated to my folder, and selected my PHNLPHTO.pln. I’ve attached a screenshot of what it looked like when the flight plan loaded up.

The first thing I noticed (this happens a lot) is that the “High Altitude Airways” is selected, even though I specified “Low Altitude Airways” in my plan. The second thing I realized is that I must have dropped acid or something while creating my flight plan. Either that or I secretly got drafted into the Coast Guard, and we’re looking for a boat or something. :wink:

Here’s the flight plan that was generated by Navigraph: PHNLPHTO.pln (13.4 KB)

If I change it to “Low Altitude Airways” and put in my desired starting point - Gate(Parking 347 – GA MEDIUM) in the MSFS Flight Plan screen, then I get this:

Better, but not what I was looking for. if you’ll notice - there’s two waypoint “PULPS.” If I delete one, the MSFS Flight Plan shows only one “PULPS,” which I never put in there in the first place. If I try to delete the other one, it regenerates the 2nd “PULPS.” (shrug) MSFS problem perhaps?

I double-checked my departure in Navigraph just now. I selected MKK4.MKK. I overlaid the departure onto my flight plan. You can see “PULPS” there, and see that it is NOT selected.

I loaded my flight plan into Volanta, and this is what it looked like:

If I copy the type route from the beginning of the post an paste it into Volanta, the route looks like I would expect it to:

I’m off to fly it, that is if I can straighten out the route in the G1000NXi.

(edit) - Yikes! I have no idea why it rotated the pictures. (sigh) it’s just not my week…

Am I doing something wrong? If I am, please let me know. I hold a FAA Dispatch license, so you’d think I could put together a flight plan. :wink:

Thank you to all who made it to the end of my manifesto.

Anyone got any ideas?



I loaded your flightplan into Charts Desktop and exported to MSFS, then loaded into MSFS. I get the same crown shaped flight plan whether using MSFS default data or Navigraph data. So it isn’t a Navigraph data issue:

As soon as you change the starting point MSFS recalculates the route. I do not know why MSFS adds PULPS into the plan. There are many issues with MSFS World Map - it is a work in progress. You might try posting at the MSFS forum. Sorry I can’t be more help.


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Hi Ian,

Thank you for the reply. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something that I was doing incorrectly. I am definitely going to post it on the MSFS forums.

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