Altitude in MSFS .pln exports?

The documentation for the MSFS .pln format describes support for altitudes at flight waypoints. Would it be possible to include the altitude that would otherwise be shown in the generated LIDO brief to be included in the waypoints?

Hi, the MSFS .pln format already includes expected altitudes at each waypoint. For example, note +034000.00 at the end of the <WorldPosition> :

        <ATCWaypoint id="JEVED">
            <WorldPosition>N31° 15' 2.60",W81° 3' 40.14",+034000.00</WorldPosition>

If you are looking for something else, please let me know where/how you want the altitude displayed, and what purpose it will serve (for example, is there a specific add-on that requires the altitude to be defined differently)?

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I guess what I’m seeing is an inconsistency in MSFS importing those plans to the MCDU. Most of the time it ignores them, specifically in the Longitude.

I think I overlooked that part of the spec, but instead was seeing Alt1FP, Alt2FP, and AltDescFP, which are likely more intended for SID/STAR altitude constraints, but I was thinking that maybe something like this could be added in the .pln (perhaps with an opt-in user preference?)


It would increase the size of the .pln to have it on each waypoint, sure, but I’m wondering if it would perhaps help with MSFS loading the plan properly into the MCDU.

Wouldn’t this likely interfere with VNAV?



Hi, I think these fields are intended to define altitude restrictions at specific waypoints. For example “at or below” or “at or above” at certain waypoints along SID/STAR procedures. They aren’t intended to be included for every waypoint, as this would interfere with the FMS’ ability to plan its vertical profile.

Since SimBrief doesn’t fully consider SID/STAR restrictions at the moment, it isn’t something that can be added at this time in any case.

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