Flt Pln Exporting to Reality GNS

Hello (Ian) ? I am struggling to import a saved FPL Flt Pln from Navigraph in to my A/C Reality GNS, can you please advise how or what I need to do, when I open the GNS it says no files fpond can you help please. P3Dv4.5 Win 10

I posted this days ago no response!

Charlie McEwan

Hello Charlie! Welcome to the forum.

With the details you have provided, it is not entirely clear if this is an issue with our export tool or if the issue is somewhere else down the line. Have you made sure that you have followed the correct process (according to the manual) to place the exported .pln file in the appropriate folder? Did the process you are following at the moment work previously?



Thanks for the reply, I understand through Reality support that Navigraph flt plans are generated in PLN files structure and the reality software cannot read any other file format, that’s why …I think? i cannot export a saved navigraph flt plan top a reality GNS.

Would you agree

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Hello again!

Alright, after some investigation it seems like the Reality GNS uses a Garmin format. Even if it doesn’t, it still relies on Garmin navigational data (as far as I understand) and since there might be incompatibilities with said data and our exports, we do not officially support that data format.

Sorry to say, but it indeed looks like flightplans exported from Navigraph Charts will not load in the Reality products. We hope for your understanding and apologize for the inconvenience!


No problem, thanks for assistance, did you know that Flt plans created in Little Nav Map WILL export to the reality GNS


Hi Charlie,
Richard here - yes, we know this. The FPL-format is a simple XML format, so not a big deal normally but the main point is the AIRAC cycle which is installed in your Reality GNS …

We may not update Garmin addons, which uses the original Garmin format and that´s the point here. When you load a flightplan from somewhere, created with a current AIRAC cycle and you don´t have installed the same AIRAC cycle on your device/in your addon - it could be run into a unknown status.

Terminal-Procedures, airways, waypoints, navaids will be changed every cycle, so you can´t be sure, that your addon can use your exported flightplan because this flightplan uses newer/current data …

Also, LittleNav Map informed you during the export, that it´s necessary to use the same AIRAC as you have created your flightplan. Sorry and thanks for your understanding.


OK Thanks for heads up.

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