Localizer Lost During Landing Rollout Beyond Landing Zone

I’ve seen this reported in the PMDG beta group and have verified it at KCVG ILS18C with Navigraph navdata installed. Once the aircraft rolls past about 3500 ft from the landing threshold the localizer signal disappears. Of course IRL the localizer beam extends from the localizer antenna at the opposite end of the runway. But then, this is the Asobo world. The problem is that all aircraft that have autoland capability (i.e., all Boeings and Airbuses I think) use the localizer signal to maintain runway center during roll out. Loose the localizer and you loose full autoland capability. I suspect this is in the same basket DME not providing omnidirectional coverage, but I hope not. Any chance Navigraph can fill-in the localizer for the full length of the runway (unless it is an offset localizer)?

thanks for the report. I have also disovered this but I wasn’t sure if this the same in RL. I will look on it but I assume there is no way for us. The DMEs (zero at threshold) are still fixed in revision 3. I can use the same workaround for the localizer but I guess we run into several issues. One issue could be the localizer range, because you can extend the range (what we do since two cycle according the RL) but it seems the MSFS has hardcoded it somewhere and therefore our values will not be used. Also the loc width and so on, …

Currentl we have a lot of other open tasks and the workload is high. So please be patience but I will look deeper into it, if we find a way for that issue.

Thank you!


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