KCRP ILS13 Insufficient LOC Range

The current Jeppesen KCRP ILS13 approach chart indicates a localizer intercept when arriving on the SKIDS transition at fix CFCDW, which is at about D24.4ICRP. However, when flown using 2212 rev 1 the localizer signal is not available until inbound at or about D14 - 16 ICRP or a couple of miles outside JAGRU IF. FAA NASR ILS data does not include localizer range but earlier versions of this approach that I have flown in real world used ATHIS as an IAF and it is beyond CFCDW by several miles. This is my home base. Thank you.

unfortunately this is a sim limitation - I guess it´s 18NM, if I remember correctly. The localizer range in our database is set to 20NM but the sim can´t handle this extended ranges. We have implemented the extended ranges since AIRAC 2109 but again, the sim can´t handle it - the limit is hardcoded I guess to 18NM. Sorry.


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Thanks for reply Richard. I’ve know about the sim limitation, been there a long time, but I read in one of your early updates that you had corrected the range issues. Sorry to hear that their SDK is the limitation but not surprised. There are a lot of extended range localizers in the US but who expects realism in a game.

Richard is right. ILS Localizer range setting in BGL file is “partly” ineffective. In FSX and all P3D versions (up to P3Dv5) it is hardcoded to a maximum value of 27-28 NM (whatever a higher coded BGL value is). However, lower values are correctly taken into account down to a few NM. I’ve no data concerning MSFS but I presume a similar limitation applies (to be tested).


Could this not be an easy ask of Asobo?

Given they are integrating Navigraph data, I’m assuming there’s a genial relationship?

Shouldn’t be too hard to change in the sim.

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