KSEA 16L ILS issue

I was doing an autoland earlier at KSEA 16L and the aircraft floated on flare for almost half of the runway. The glideslope seems a bit on the weird side. I contacted PMDG support and they say it’s most likely an ILS issue.

I have checked this approach with the PMDG 737 but I can´t reproduce it:

Localizer and glideslope are active, loc is centered and the GS is also correct (see the PAPIs on the left 2-white 2-red):

short before the touchdown:


from the cockpit view:

Sorry, I can´t see any long landing here - its absolutely in the limits. Possible you can also make such screenshots to see the difference?


Can you try arming dual channel approach with flare activated? The auto flare behavior at this runway is terrible.

I also asked PMDG if that’s a Radio Altimeter problem and they say it’s ILS if I have all the altimeter settings dialed in correctly.

sorry, I don’t understand the logic …

You change only the config of the aircraft but not the data itself with this configuration. The ILS antenna is the same, the GS antenna is the same and all other navdata facilities are the same, there is no change independent of the aircraft configuration.

… but I have tested the same with dual-channel A/P and the results are exactly the same:

Sorry, not reproduce able here … as you see, exactly the same as with single channel - as I expect it because you only change the aircraft configuration but not the navdata itself. I can´t identify any ILS issue … sorry.


I’m a little confused. Can you try 16R then? Maybe its because i was using 900ER but im pretty sure one of the runways flare was seriously broken.

I talked to Chris from PMDG last night and he seemed pretty sure that the over flaring is an ILS issue. If you look at my volanta screenshot there are three landing attempts. The first one is manual and the other two is floating autoland.

I just uploaded a video on YouTube. It’s ILS 16R. You can take a look at the landing. It’s a 8500 ft runway so it’s definitely not supposed to touch down there.

Sorry, I still can´t reproduce it also not on 16R:

Single or Dual-Channel A/P activated - the touchdown is exactly in the landing zone and as you see on the screenshots, exactly on GS (PAPI lights) …

Here a few feet above the runway, I have placed me nearly on the a/c high so that you see the PAPIs behind (red-red white-white):

Touchdown - a few feet after the previous screenshot but also here, you see the PAPI lights in the background, exactly here was my touchdown:

I have also checked the ILS antenna coordinates, the DME antenna coordinates and the GS antenna coordinates to be sure all are in correct place. They are, also the elelvation is correct … so I don´t see any issue here.

Do you possible use a 3rd party scenery for KSEA or the default one?


I’m using default KSEA. I’ll try with 737-600 in a bit. Will advise

737-600 with clear skies does seem a lot better. But once I toggle live weather and do the same approach it’s awful.

Ok, so you see it’s not a navdata issue then … because all what you do/try use the same data, independent of aircraft type, configuration and/or weather … they are always the same data behind.


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