KLAS ILS 1L Erroneous with FlyTampa Scenery


the localizer is misaligned and glideslope unavailable:

I’m using FlyTampa Las Vegas.

When disabling Navigraph navdata indication is OK.



Hi Stefan,
and when you disable the scenery? Is the ILS also misaligned with our data installed?

Second, can you upload your content.xml file please?

Thank you

Without the scenery and with Navigraph data installed the ILS is OK.

Here’s the file: Content.xml (6.4 KB)

Is there a way to make both the scenery and Navigraph data compatible?

Hi again Stefan,
thanks for the content-file. It looks you don´t use the latest Navigraph-Installer - so please update your Navigraph-Installer to beta 23. Please follow these instructions:

When you have done this - please follow these steps - this should fix your mess in your scenery-file. Follow these steps exactly please:

This should fix the mess in your scenery file. After that I would try it again (FlyTampa + Navigraph). I have tested our data with FlyTampa KLAS and the Loc/GS are correct so far.

Here the FBW A320X sitting on 01L, set frequency 110.10 / 014°:

Hope that helps,

Hi Richard,

I followed your instructions. Issue solved.

As always thanks for your fast and helpful response! :+1:t3:

Kind regards,


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