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I have installed the Beta package, however I am experiencing few offset localizers and/or final course track not being aligned with charts. Is Navigraph navdata beta supposed to update these as well?


yes, the offset-courses are correct implemented (as in all the other addons), but there is an sim-issue with offset courses and there are a lot of reports in the MSFS forum. One of the latest postings, which describe exactly this issue - this is an internal sim issue and has nothing to do (at least) with our data because this happens with the default data also. Sorry.

Here a link to the latest report in the MSFS forum:
Offset Approaches


Thanks for the answer. Hope they’ll get things sorted soonest.

The problem has two parts. All localizers in MSFS are forced to the runway heading by a byte value contained in the airport scenery file. Probably because of this, the default NavBlue nav data has been modified by Asobo to also set every localizer to the runway heading, even though the original source data NavBlue provides probably has the correct value.

The nav data file controls the localizer identifier, frequency, width of the localizer beam, glideslope angle, and most important, the localizer course.

When you tune an ILS on the Nav receiver in an MSFS airplane, the localizer course will be automatically set on the PFD display when the ILS is being received. That course value comes from the nav data files. With default nav data, that course will always be the same as the runway heading, even when it should actually be offset.

The Navigraph data does at least give you the correct published course for every ILS localizer, including those which are offset. Unfortunately, because of the other value contained in the airport scenery file, the localizer is still forced to the runway heading, even with correct nav data.

Navigraph can fix the nav data, but only Asobo can remove the localizer/runway lock in the airport scenery files. They have been made aware of the problem through their Zendesk bug reporting system. It remains to be seen if they will change it at some point. This is not a true “bug” because they deliberately designed ILS systems to work this way. Hopefully they can be convinced that this was an incorrect design choice.

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