Load up screen alwaysa asks "Safe" or "Normal" Mode when using Navigraph Data

Hello! I noticed today that only when I have navigraph data in my community folder when MSFS starts up it asks safe mode or normal mode. It says that the sim was not closed down properly or something. Once I remove this form the community folder that goes away. Any advice on this? Is this a known issue?



Are you using Addon Linker?
Please confirm you are using only Navigraph Navdata Center to install/remove Navigraph Navdata.
Please provide a screenshot of error message(s) using Guide to posting Screenshots.


Not using Add on linker.

Simply put, I think the add in is working properly. I’m actually not even sure what it does to be honest as I thought MSFS has all the latest airac cycles in the game itself.

So when I load into MSFS I get this message only while Navigraph cycle is installed. I am using the Navi graph NAVdata center to install it. Once the folders are removed (uninstalled) this message no longer comes up.