Navigraph Hub Error

Reinstalled MSFS recently, wanted to install all of my airac data again after buying a subscription. Now I get the error that NavHub can’t extract into the community folder?

Permissions to the folder seem to be all fine. I’m the owner of the folder and have full control permissions.

Interesting is that when I click on the green button to update the PMDG 737-800, the app freezes and doesn’t react anymore, untill you force quit/exit it and restart it again.

Hey MaximusDiabeticus,

If you have the folders navigraph-navdata and/or navigraph-navdata-base in the Community folder they can also have got new permissions if the simulator was re-installed. Just delete them.

Also check %localappdata%/Temp/Navigraph, you can just delete that folder and Hub will create it again.

Kind regards,


Sorry, it might not be an issue from navigraph hub, moreover my PC suddenly having issues with the M.2 where MSFS among other things is installed. Now for the second time today my pc can’t recognize that drive…

Atleast: got the 0x800701B1 error trying to delete the navigraph-navdata folder in the community folder. tried to rescan disks, allowed me to delete them but when i looked again, my complete drive has dissappeared.

So I feel like it might be a PC/Drive issue.

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