Lirf ils all runways outdated

p3d4,5 airac2113 aerosoft A320 pro
flight lgav-lirf
all ILS freq.from LIRF showing outdated , not loaded in fms.
How can I fix that ?

what do you mean with outdated and what do you mean with not loaded in FMS?

Can you post a screenshot please to understand you better?
Which approach had you tried to which runway?


its the data available by the aivlasoft EFB.
as on the picture 16L/16R/34l No loc available
and 25/34R loc outdated

On approach with the airbus selecting an ils appr. its automatically setting the freq.
The Bus not loading the freq.

I see more earlier post about Lirf . some are removing/renewing the context.xml .Is that for P3D4 also possible? And where i find that xml .
As the picture shows the aivlasoft efb .

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