Latest AIRAC and EDDB

I am unable to capture the ILS for runway 25L (109.5) - there is no signal.
On runway 07R, I capture the LOC but after a while the plane moves off-course. Using P3D4.5 and PMDG 737.
Any ideas?

Assuming an addon scenery have you checked the frequencies there?

Not using any add-on scenery

I would be inclined to check the stock data anyway and if necessary update the sim using Herve Sors navaids updates.

I’m unsure runway 07R/25L exists in default P3Dv4 scenery at its correct location. At least in FSX, it doesn’t.Consequently it is probably more appropriate to use a 3rd party scenery for this airport since ILS 07R (IBSE) and 25L (IBSW) cannot be properly modeled in the default scenery

You may well be correct Herve, I no longer have v4 installed and quite incorrectly assumed the op was aware of the installed airport layout.

Hi Herve
That was the solution. Thanks.

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