ILS Issue in PROSIM AR cycle 2401

I still have the issue

I am now on airac 2401 in MSFS and Prosim AR and still have a decay.

Please help.

I am the LFMT PESIM dev.

Just to be sure i tried to change ILS setting to be on Magnetic heading but i still have a samll decay.

I have noticed also an issue with magnetic Heading.

On charts : final CRS is 303
On RAD NAV , it programs CRS 304 , maybe it comes from here

Once again , my friend with all the same as me in term of airacs have no issues with the Fenix

I am little bit lost.

Can you please verify your aircas for Prosim AR 1.65

Then the CRS in your last airacs for runway ILS 30R at LFMT

Can you please tell me if Magvar is requested and where to find it in charts as well as how to set it in MSFS cause it isn’t the same as P3D it seems

Thanks a lot

Update :I was able to fix the issue by updating ILS Heading to magnetic 303 . Delete MSFS cache . And rebuild Prosim AR database that it seems it needs to be done each time airacs are updated.

Please just let me know how Magvar should be set in MSFS for the future .

ex : at LFMT it is 2° but in MSFS editor it result in = 358° (curious)


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