LIMJ RNAV A for runway 10 does not have a chart

Planning an approach to RWY 10 at LIMJ. I have selected the GOLAS 2P approach via VOG and the RNAV A approach via ECLOZ. All good except there is no RNAV approach chart in the system. Is this because IRL you would be vectored in to final approach by ATC after MJ184? Would love to understand the correct way to fly this approach.
Thank you, Toby

REF: LIMJ RNAV A for runway 10 does not have its associated STARs

The charts exists and is numbered is 12-1. It is not automatically linked for some reason so you will have to find it manually in the list.

Thank you for your help, found it! Too late but found it :slight_smile:

Thank you @Rodeo314 :wink:


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