LIMJ RNAV A for runway 10 does not have its associated STARs


I just made a flight from LFLB to LIMJ. As soon as ATC asked me to prepare to land runway 10, I selected the only one RNAV approach existing for runway 10. In the A32NX Dev version, the runway number does not appear after RNAV name (RNAV00A). It seems that the associated runway number for the approach is missing so it writes 00 and it cannot link runway 10 STARs.

I can create the full approach with STAR in the flight organizer, but as I am used to select the approach in flight through the FMS, it does not work.


Christophe D.

Hi Christophe,
the RNV-A approach is an approach without a runway-ident, therefore you see the 00A … when you look on the charts, you will see that this approach doesn´t end at any runway - it ends at MJ814 … therefore no runway-ident, that is correct so far.

Due the fact, that this approach has no runway ident, the sim can´t assign a STAR for this but this is a limitation in the sim and has nothing todo with the data. The same would be happened, when you use only the stock data and this approach is existing in the stock data. You see, that the STARs are all included, but you can´t assign it to this approach. Thats the limitation, sorry.


Hi Richard,

Thank you for your answer. The approach goes to MJ814 because this is where it reaches the minimum, but the chart specifies that this is a runway 10 approach. You mean that the part between MJ814 and runway is not materialized so it cannot be implemented in the code, and then need to refer to the visual approach on prescribed tracks below right ?

By the way for people needing to perform this approach, my workaround in the FMS is the following :

  • manually input STAR waypoints until ECLOZ first.
  • then select the RNAV00A approach.


Christophe D.

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