LIMJ RNPA rwy 10 (RNVA) approach


In the list of approaches to LIMJ rwy 10 the latest airrac has only as an RNP approach for rwy 10 the approach RNVA. Should it not be RNVA10?

The problem is as it is now the approach stops at MJ814 where the GO around route starts BUT DOES NOT SHOW AT ALL THE AIRPORT RUNWAY.

If I compare to LFMN approach RNPD 22 R I see that here the rwy of the airport is shown which makes the landing more easy.

Is this a mistake?


sorry, I can´t reproduce your issue … I have checked the PMDG procedure file and here is the runway included (what should be normal).

Also, in my FMC (737-600) - select RNP10 approach with ECLOZ transition:

… and here the ND:

Sorry, I can´t reproduce it …

Screenshot 2022-09-30 202619

This is strange, I am using airac 2209 with X Plane in Zibo and when I open the Jeppesen Map for RNP A approach the Go around starts after waypoint MJ814 and not after the rwy 10 as in your picture.

I think that the go around starts at MJ814 is correct, but I should see the rwy…
I do not know why you can not reproduce and why you have the Go Around incorrectly shown…

I compared in littlenavmap the approach in LIMJ and LFMN stated above and saw that the description is different (see attached screen shots) perhaps the pb is coming from there…

I think the approach RNP rwy 10 in LIMJ should look similar to the approach RNPD 22R in LFMN as in the picture below where you can see the rwy:

I have thought you mean the PMDG in the MSFS because you have posted it the MSFS category.

I will test this now in XP11 and the latest Zibo version in the next days but I"m pretty sure, that this us an addon issue rather a data issue.

Will come baxk in the next days

Hi Richard! I had a look at the latest Airrac but the situation is still the same in XP11 with Zibo. The RWY is not visible and I think it should be visible as for RNPA 04L in LFMN (picture on the right). Could you please have a look? Thanks a lot!!

no - two different approaches.

The LIMJ RNPA approach doesn´t end on an ruwnay - it ends at MJ814, which is not centerlined to the runway, and you must fly the final visually.

The LFMN RNPA approach ends on the runway (MAP is centerlined on the runway) and therefore you see the runway on the FMC.

The coding difference internally is, that on the LIMJ the runway-waypoint as a leg is missing and I guess therefore the Zibo will not show the runway. The LFMN approach has a own runway-waypoint as leg and therefore visible.

I had no idea if this looks like in real also on the NDs but the data are correct so far according the standard rules.

Hope that helps,

Sorry I meant RNP22R in LFMN. The picture on the right is the approach RNP22R (not RNP04L… sorry) and what I mean is that in this approach RNP22R you can see the RWY on the ND although go around starts before the rwy as it is the case in LIMJ. That’s why I think that the RWY should be visible on the ND… Can you please have a look again and sorry for the confusion!!!

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