KLAS RNAV Visual 19 L/R approach & waypoints for PMDG 737 are missing

The RNAV Visual 19 L & R approach and waypoints at KLAS are missing for the PMDG 737. I’ve attached an image of a chart for the procedure below:

please can you post a real-world chart - this one is a draft without any date reference, so I assume it´s more a demo-/presentation chart or possible a company chart, I don´t know … I have looked into the FAA database and here too, no visual approach chart available:

From the FAA:

So, I guess this procedure doesn´t exist any longer or when, only as a company procedure. From where is this screenshot?


Someone posted it on a forum.

I think you are right, though. It appears as though it is a company procedure, and each company has their own tailored approach with minor variations.

I will just create the procedure myself. Thanks for the response!

No probs - thanks for your feedback - enjoy the MSFS :wink:


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