LFML - VOR missing

hello on Navi graph there are many points missing or non-existent example to arrive in Marseille Provence on the track 32l there is a Vor which is called MLLE200 on your database it is nonexistent why

First: which sim, which addon do you use?
Second: Do you mean LFML for Marseille Provence? When yes, there is no runway 32L, only 31L - possible typo?
Third: which VOR do you miss? What is the ident and frequency?

… and last, what has this todo now with Geneva? I can´t follow you now sorry.

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track 32l exists in Marseille Provence. The missing vor is ML 200

This is the real-world airport diagram - no 32L as you see, only 31L:

Sorry, I don´t know what you mean with ML 200 … is ML the VOR ident and 200 the frequency or what? So is ML a VOR or an NDB?

Do you have any official reference (like from the AIP France or similar else) for this VOR, that we can compare it …

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sorry I am mistaken it is the 31L on this approach it does not have IT S, it is radionav and the vor is ML200 for an approach in the axis of the runway this ml200 at navigraph is non-existent

Hi again,
I have now looked into the AIP France and there is no ML200 VOR existing. Here a list of all navaids directly from the AIP France:

I assume, you mean a waypoint ML200 but as you see this waypoint is also not existing (possible anymore) in the real world, so that´s the reason, why we also don´t have this waypoint in the database:

… and last, here the RNP-Z approach for 31L into LFML, no ML200 only ML202 and that´s a waypoint and existing in our database:

Could it be, that you´re using outdated charts?


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