Legacy airports in MSFS

Hi Navigraph,
Since Asobo and Microsoft recently added two legacy airports, which do not exist in real life anymore but from and to we’re allowed to fly, could you be so nice to add Jeppesen data for those airports in the database files of Fenix A320 and PMDG 737?
(data would be outdated, of course, but who cares).
The airports I’m talking about are the iconic Chicago Meigs airfield (KCGX) and the famous Kai Tak in Hong Kong (VHHX).
Miguel (LPPT)

Hi Miguel,
nomally, we don,'t offer outdated airports because we use real world data. It’s also a part of our contract with our partner Jeppesen, not offering outdated data.

But we have a few very good user in our community here, which have created working datasets, which we use as tailored records.

VHHX is still included in all addons including MSFS. This is a tailored recordset which is part of our data since several years.

For Meigs we don’t have any data, therefore not included in our datasets.

Hope that helps a little bit
Merry Xmas

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