LICJ rwy 25 ILS issue

Hi, your ILS 25 for LICJ is not working. Actually it is incorrectly written. Your APP is a “L” type that is LOC approach but should be an “I” ILS approach type. Could you please correct this since as it is ILS25 is NOT usable… Only RNAV…
Thanks a lot!!!

Hi Ralph,

The LOC is shown rather than ILS because the Missed Approach is prior to the Runway Threshold. Please see NFFN ILS not showing - #2 by NAVData


Hi Ian,

Thank you for the explanation. I experience the same “issue” at LICJ. My company is using LIDO and in RW the “ILS 25” is selectable in the MCDU.

yes, can be - Jeppesen codes this as LOC approach. Different source provider, slightly different results …

In the sim, when you select the LOC approach, and you receive the signal and the signal is an ILS - you can fly this normally as an ILS approach - in other words, in the sim there is no difference when you define an ILS signal als LOC only signal, you will see the GS in any case.

Hope that helps

Hi Richard,

Thank you, I have just tried and indeed the GP will show as expected so the ILS can be flown without any problems by selecting LOC25 in the MCDU.


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