EDDS ILS 25 Navigraph data Glide Slope

The default MSFS ILS data for EDDS (Stuttgart) is incorrect and gives an offset ILS approach.

To get around this issue I am using the navigraph ILS data, by setting the “navigraph-navdata” as the last entry in my content.xml file

The (Cat III) ILS is now perfectly aligned. However, there is an issue with the glide slope as it is setting the touchdown zone before the 25 rwy threshold (rendering autoland impossible for the FBW A320)

The screenshot below shows the default Asobo A320 (not FBW) just before touchdown, according to the ILS GS, illustrating where it thinks the touch down zone should be, in the middle of the approach lights prior to the threshold:

Any chance you could investigate this?


it looks that this is a scenery issue - I have checked the localizer- and glideslope antenna position from us and the stock data and both are identically. Also the elevation of the antennas - completely equal.
I have also flown this approach with the stock data and it´s the same behavior without our data installed. So, I assume that this must be any other issue but it doesn´t look, that this has something todo with the navdata (stock nor our data). I´m not a scenery designer so I can´t really help here more, sorry.


Thank you for taking the time to investigate.

I wasn’t sure if it was, perhaps, an elevation issue with that threshold end of rwy 25-07.
The GS for the ILS for 07 works as expected.

I have made a mental note not to trust the GS for landing in poor visiblity for that particular ILS approach.

Yes, I assume also that this has something todo with the runway elevation but as I wrote, I have not enough knowledge to understand what is the exact reason now. I can only check the correct positions and the elevations and all these values are ok so far, but nit only in our data also in the stock data (exclusing the course and the magnetic variation but that has nothing todo with the GS or the touchdown zone).

Sorry & have a nice evening

I seem to have the opposite problem. GS looks good, but LOC is way off…