Ff a320 ils 26l klas

It’s been a while since I’ve landed at KLAS. But I did today after updating to the latest Navdata 2210.
The ILS for 26L is very wrong. The Glide Slope is way too low. If I were to have followed the GS to Minimums (roughly 200 ft agl) the GS would have driven me into the ground before I even reached the decision altitude.

I am using the FF A320-U, with the Fly Tampa KLAS Scenery package. I’ve had this scenery for a while and not come across this before, so this makes me think it’s a Navigraph nav data issue at hand.

My entire flight plan was KLAS to KLAS /ORCKA5 MISEN RNDRZ2 / RW26L Trans, ILS 26L full appr from BERBN.
You could probably just fly anything on the final appr coarse to see what I’m talking about.

I’ve attached the XP11 Log.txt file if you need that.


Log.txt (258.2 KB)

Hi Dave,
tested now with the stock KLAS scenery in XP11 and can’t reproduce it. The approach, specially the GS is perfect …

I have also checked the antenna positions for the localizer and glideslope and also here, I don’t see any issue.

I don’t have the FlyTampa scenery so I can’t test it with it, but maybe you can try to remove it anvd also try the stock scenery.


Thank you for taking the time to look into this. I will conduct more testing over the weekend.


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