KLAS glideslope

I have the FlyTampa scenery for KLAS. The glideslope for runwawy 26L is off leading the aircraft into the ground before the end of the runway. I know this has been a known issue for quite sometime and the solutions I have found online are not really something I want to do which is disabling navigraph and such. Does anyone know if this issue has been fixed or if there’s a better solution to it now in January of 24?

Hi Jason,
unfortunately no, this is a scenery issue because the elevation is wrong. What I know is from the orher reports what we have received, that this was still reported to FlyTampa but without any fix as it looks.

Sorry, there is nothing what we can do here.


I was afraid of that and its ok Richard! The good thing is you rarely need the ILS in KLAS :smile:

The annoying thing is this has been an issue with FT’s KLAS for a looooong time now and they insist it’s a Navigraph issue, despite everyone telling them it’s only KLAS that has the problem.

I agree its a bummer. I fly in and out of KLAS a lot. They did a great job with the airport and city scenery, heck even added the Sphere! The fact they cant fix that one elevation issue is not good.

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