Ils sbsp 35l

Well, 1st time here.
Well Paulo Ricardo renamed Brazilian scenarist has finished his latest job ( SBSP ). Im his beta tester and I realized that SBSP ILS RWY 35L there is an issue. Let me try to explain. When I have Navigraph files installed, I pass MDA with 4 white lights on PAPI..and When I removed navigraph files it works perfectly, by passing MDA with 2 white x 2 red . Id love to know How to fix it, or Which file do I have to look forward and change the coordinates.
Is there anyway for you guys help me please?!

Normally, this is an elevation issue and not and issue with wrong coordinates. Does this happen with the stock scenery plus our data also?


Any chance to get this conversation via discord? GSchneider
I guess if I show you it would be easier for both of us to understand…
What I know this scenery has rwy 2630 apt elevation 2631
And as I said if Navigraph files are into community ils ramp is not working properly. If set it off, means, navigraph files removed from community…I have a perfct ramp ( G/S) … and also I tested by changing the priority with reorder tool and I was not well succeded.

The important one is the runway elevation and/or GS elevation and not the airport elevation. Does the same happened when you don’t use the 3rd party scenery, means when you use the stock scenery?


Richard. Thnx a lot for your time.
Well, I`m telling what I know. The developer told me that he used the ils created by him based on charts info and also from asobo base. The scenery is done and ready to be released. The only issue that we had is this ramp…

No prob, but in this case it’s better when the dev xontact us directly to discuss this and to find out what data he is using, specially which elevation data is he using …

Best he opens a ticket and we will try to help him, or at least to find out whats wrong.


It`s another issue…he does not have navigraph…
Any chance to have this specific airport navigraph files? If it yes, would pls email me?!

He doesn’t need to be a Navigraph customer or a Navigraph subscription … He can simple create a ticket via our webpage.


Hopefully this will be sorted out soon. This project is big and there’s a lot of people waiting for it lol! Waiting since 2020. Good luck and count me in if any sort of help is needed.

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