KPVD - RWY05 ILS & GS locations off (X-Plane)


There is a discrepancy at KPVD on RWY5 in the data that show the ILS & GS misplaced, as the runway was expanded.

Here is the location of the new ILS Array:


New location of the GS:



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Hi Andrew, Welcom to the Navigraph Support Forum and a Happy new Year!
Your screenshot appears a bit confused, the thing you have highlighted with a GREEN arrow is actually the Localizer antenna for Rwy 23 (NOT Rwy 05) Localizer antennas usually are found beyound the end of the Rwy you are approaching and NOT before the Rwy.
I just checked the latest Navigraph navdata (cycle 2113) for X-Plane 11 (earth_nav.dat , search for I-PVD Rwy05 ILS at KPVD).

earth_nav.dat,  data cycle 2113, build 20211220, (3 hits)
	Line 33889:  4  41.732533333  -71.419250000       46    10930    18  16952.080 IPVD KPVD K6 05 ILS-cat-III
	Line 33890:  6  41.712002778  -71.434713889       46    10930    18 300032.080 IPVD KPVD K6 05 GS
	Line 33891: 12  41.732580556  -71.420383333       55    10930    25      0.000 IPVD KPVD K6 T F GREEN INTL DME-ILS

When I checked the Navigraph data for the Localizer and GS for Rwy 05 (IPVD) on Google maps they appear spot on.
The Rwy05 Glideslope antenna.

The Rwy05 Localizer antenna.

Also the () lens shaped marking on your screenshot is usually used to denote a β€˜fan’ marker beacon, (I checked with the FAA eNASR for Rwy05 ILS at KPVD and the Marker beacon Components of the PVD ILS Rwy 05 were decomissioned some time ago Inner Marker 2018-04-13, Middle Marker 2012-05-22, and Outer Marker 2012-05-22.

What version of navdata are you using? Your screenshot appears to be WorldEditor which is a Scenery Tool not a navdata tool as such (i.e. it only has read only access to navdata).
stephen (cessna729).

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