LDAs at Regan National KDCA

I have just Purched a subscription to NaviGraph, in order to try to correct the issues with teh two LDA 19’s @ KDCA.

I have the MSFS Nav database updated with the NaviGraph data, and now, after telling LNM to read the MSFS database, both MSFS data and NaviGraph (2014) seem to match.

I also did a dangerous thing (not really), and ran the Pythin Script that someone on FSDeveloper created, to ZAP the MSFS airport files, so that ILS’s and LDA do not all get forced to runway heading.

Both LDAs @ KDCA now have teh correct Course, and their Localizers work correctly now …


One of the LDA’s that use to have a GS, and use to be incorrectly aligned to the runway heading, now does not have a GS.

Anyone any ideas why, and how to restore the GS operation.


And a message to NaviGraph

** –

Now that you are working with ASOBO to provide them with Airac Updates, maybe you can get them to fix the ILS/LDA runway alignment bug – its all very well having Current Airac data, but it makes it somewhat useless, if the SIM cannot fly the ILS and LDAs on their Correct alignments …

There are no glideslopes for LDA Y and Z on Rwy 19 so your current configuration after applying Navigraph data is correct. As far as I remember the LDA-Y glideslope was removed a few years ago and localizer frequencies were changed (109.9 for LDA-Y and 108.5 for LDA-Z). Both are correct in Navigraph data but not in the default MSFS NavBlue database.

Hi Geoffrey,
Herv is absolutely right … this LDA has no GS and you see this also on the current charts. I have marked @hervesors answer as “solution” … thanks Herv!

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