KDLS LDA missing glideslope


I noticed today in XP11 (w/ 2205 rev 1 data) that the KDLS I-DLS localizer (used in the LDA/DME RWY 25 approach) is missing any glideslope indication - any chance you can double check and see if this is an issue in the current navdata?


Following up - did a little digging into the navdata file:

5   45.618694444 -121.162075000        0    10935    18  85933.147 IDLS KDLS K1 25 LDA
12  45.618277778 -121.162611111      249    10935   125      0.000 IDLS KDLS K1 COLUMBIA GORGE REGL/THE D DME-ILS

It looks like this is encoded currently as a standalone localizer and an associated DME, although this particular LDA has glideslope equipment (as shown on the approach plate - note that the approach itself can’t be flown without an operative glideslope).

Any chance this can be corrected in a future rev?

Hi Alex,
first of all, welcome here and thank you very much for your report. I can confirm, the GS part is missing and I haven´t found any reason for that too. I also confirm, that the LDA approach (also for my understanding) has a GS component - so we will ask our source data provider.

I can´t say, if and when this is added but we will report it … As soon as we have received an answer, I will inform you here. I will let this topic open till we have a “solution” - with or without GS :wink:

Thank you very much,

Hi again Alex,
good news, we have received an answer on our question from Jeppesen. The glideslope will be added with AIRAC 2207 (effective July 14th). Thanks again for your help and you´re valuable report … much appreciated …

Have a nice day, cheers

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That’s awesome, Richard! Thanks for such a quick turnaround on this one. Much appreciated.


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