ILS misaligned at SBRF

The ILS for RW18 at SBRF is completely off the runway, seems like the official ILS coordinates were wrong at the charts ( now it´s fixed IRL but at the sim the issue still exists )

there are the ILS informations: ILS/DME RWY 18 - IRF /// Frequency: 110.30 MHz

wrong coordinate being used on MSFS and Navigraph data: 0808.49S/03455.13W
correct coordinate used IRL: 0808.49S/03455.09W

please note that i got these two coordinates from a post, the guy that made the ILS fix said those two coordinates, this one SBRF - Recife - ILS Fix » Microsoft Flight Simulator ( and unfortunately it doesn´t work if navigraph data is installed )

thanks for your report. Yes, the localizer antenna is offset and not centered. I have also checked the AIP Brazil and I can confirm, that there are new coordinates for the ILS/DME antenna, like in your post:

… but these coordinates are also completely wrong or I misunderstood the format. When I convert these coordinates into decimal degrees, I get: -8.14694444, -34.91916667

… and now, when I enter these coordinates in google maps, you see following:

The red marker is the new position, which is far away and also offset to the center line. I have also added the position which we have in our source. (blue maker near the runway but also offset).

So in other words, when the scenery designer uses these coordinates, it´s also offset … You see on the AIP screenshot that this information was changed (the black bar on the left side) - so I assume that this chances will be added in our of the next cycles but again, the coordinate looks also very strange.


Brazilian AIP is known for wrong Localizer coordinates, since the published coordinates are often just the DME position and even that is sometimes wrong due to the low resolution or misplacement.

The new calculated position by Navigraph that was introduced with rev. 5 should fit better.

Edit: It is still not 100% with rev 6, a bit to the left of MSFS centerline since the calculation is one based on the RWY coordinates from the database provider but way better than what we had before with the pure AIP datas.

For a 100% alignment, the coordinates would need to be recalculated based on the MSFS centerline. That would be something for long term improvement or an editor developed by Navigraph where users could do the last percents of fine tuning for Localizers, GP and DMEs. At the same time that would also be a way solve issues with 3rd party sceneries and their geographical placement / elevation.

Regards Jan-Paul

thanks Jan-Paul (@jpschuchna) … Indeed, we have improved the localizer positions from revision 5 on but we have made more improvements to this now which will be offered from AIRAC 2303 on.

I have checked this special case now and with the upcoming cycle 2303, it´s perfect aligned … also with the current cycle 2302 rev. 6.

Here a screenshot from LNM (AIRAC 2302 rev. 6 installed):

But neverless, the coordinates which are offered are both wrong.


As a side note to this comment:
The runway coordinates are also not 100% accurate in the MSFS. Further runways are missing, have the wrong IDs, …

We are using real world data and thats our reference, not bad/outdated or uncomplete Bing sat images.


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